I Choose a Healthy Future

Statement of Purpose

“The iChoose campaign has been initiated to empower people with a heightened awareness about their role in choosing and delivering a healthy future.”

We believe by focusing our attention on the transformative power of individual choices on a day to day basis collectively we can set a new course towards a healthy future on earth.


The long term vision for the movement is to encourage an inter-connected network of self-regenerating communities, which thrive socially, economically, and environmentally because of the collective choices being made day to day by their inhabitants.

The current situation

The current situation resembles a giant freight train out of control with well established (but highly damaging) industries unable to stop even when they are failing to make any sort of return. Meanwhile weather extremes are worsening, every country around the earth is facing fresh water emergencies, extinction levels are reaching unprecedented levels and preventable diseases are reaching epidemic levels.

These systems we have supported and the society we are creating are not sustainable. It’s time to change our course!

iChoose to drive a hybrid car / organic food / solar power.

iChoose a healthy future.

Which future will you choose?


Founding Members

  • Arun Looman
  • Jacki Dirckx
  • Amanda King
  • Nicola Mercer
  • Glenn Morris
  • Scott Hetherington
  • Margaret Louise

If you have any questions please contact Glen on Contact Us

Restoring Earth - documentary trailer from Bluebottle Films on Vimeo.